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Our story

Kia Ora!

Thank you for checking us out! We are wedding photographers based in Auckland, New Zealand, but we travel around to document our couples’ stories

Our approach is laid back and relaxed, our style is a mix of documentary & fine art in which we keep things spontaneous and free flowing so we can capture authentic moments as it happens naturally. We do things a bit untraditional and we always find ways to get unique looking photographs. Our work depicts mood, emotions, intimacy and individuality. Every wedding is different, every photograph has a story, we capture those moments and document them into visual memoirs and art.

Our Story

My name is Ralph and I am originally from a small city in the Philippines, where art is a culture. A city where artists all over the country take refuge to seek inspiration away from the humid and crowded capital. I grew up seeing all sorts of local artists hone their crafts; from painters, sculptors, musicians, film makers and photographers. They are just everywhere! At the age of 6, I was attracted to music, and from there I started playing when I was 11. I then jumped on to the local rock scene and played music for almost half my life, until I decided to leave the rock and roll life and move to New Zealand to join my family in 2008.

My photography began in late 2010, where my interest started in portrait photography. With my new found passion, I took a diploma course in general photography. With my interest in the outdoors and travelling, I then fell into the world of landscape photography, which led my work to be featured in a few magazine publications online and worldwide, showcasing the beauty of New Zealand landscapes. In 2012, I started second shooting at weddings with various photographers and filmed with talented cinematographers/videographers, I loved the vibe of weddings and it challenged me a lot! In 2013, I was lucky enough to be awarded the Portrait Photographer of the Year by the Institute of Photography in London, UK. Then in late 2015, I jumped full on into wedding photography under my own brand.

As a wedding photographer, I have incorporated my skills from portraiture and landscape photography into one piece of cinematic output, telling the story in a documentary & photojournalistic way. I tend to break some photography rules to achieve a unique looking photograph. I enjoy interpreting and reflecting the intimate details of weddings, and turning it into visual memories to last.

During weddings and engagement sessions, you will also meet my second photographer, my partner... Liz. She was born and raised in New Zealand and was surrounded by her photography oriented family at a young age, and had her first published photo at the age of 10. She has the eye for the finer details that will compliment your wedding day and will ensure to capture those candid moments of you and your guests throughout the day.

I work closely with my clients from the day they book us. I strongly believe that the recipe to awesome photographs are built with trust, confidence and good vibes! I always find time with my clients, either hangout over coffee or booze, or simply little emails to prepare their comfort level high, leading to the session or wedding day. The worst experience is be photographed by a complete stranger. Your wedding photographers are the ones you will be spending the most of your time during the wedding day, that is why it is important that you jive pretty well. Cheers for checking us out!